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Bleecker St Reality Band

played in Manhattan from 1992 through 1997. They combined diverse pop, jazz, funk and folk influences of the four original members into a new American sound! They recorded their first album at New York's famed POWER STATION studios, produced by Chris Albert. The album is called UNREAL (liner notes and lyrics). The band features singer Kathy Geary who has begun a new project in 1998 called KATHY's REALITY.

Ron English CD "ENGLISH 101" featuring the Bleecker St Reality Band! Explicit information on these pages:  The Ron English Train Controversy   & Lyrics  &  The Fourteen Bands on ENGLISH 101

PoPaganda the latest Ron English music project for 1998.  Check out the Sept 1997 listing in the Music Journal for a little more info on her involvement in this cultural phenomoneme and REVELATIONS 2000 on Global Beat Records.

You can get chronological and biographical Bleecker St Reality on the following pages:
Band Members & Current News & History.

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