picture of UNREAL album cover


UNREAL is the first Bleecker St Reality Band album of original music and was recorded in 1994 at New York's POWER STATION, one of the last of the old time big sound analog studios. Everyone from Madonna to Bruce Springsteen made major hit records at this world class studio owned by Tony BonGiovi for many years.  The studio is still open but under new ownership and now called Avatar Studios.

Kathy Geary vocals, rhythm guitar
Kevin Giordano lead guitar
Dan Martin vocals, bass guitar
David Sokol drums

They are pleased to have some of New York's finest musicians as guest artists;
James Campagnola soprano saxophone
Mayra Casales percussion
Dorian Cheah violin
Marlon Graves guitar solo on Be Mine
Chris Palmaro piano and Hammond B-3 organ

Produced by Chris Albert. Recorded and mixed by Chris Albert. Recorded and mixed at POWER STATION New York City. Be Mine and Corazon mixed by Dan Wojner. Mastered at POWER STATION New York City by Wild Bill Gardner. Assistant engineers: Dave Margolis, Barbara Lipke and Dan Wojner. Studio technician: Dave Menke

Tracks & Lyric Pages

FROZEN IN TIME by Linda Rabiet & Daniel Martin
FALLING OUT THROUGH AIR by Linda Rabiet & Dan Martin
BE MINE by Dan Martin
EMERALD by Dan Martin
DEEPER THAN LOVE by Walter Hyatt
BADLY JOINTED KNEES by Misty Neil & Dan Martin
TOO MUCH JOY by Kevin Giordano
CORAZON by Daniel Martin
RON ENGLISH TRAIN by Charles Herold & Kathy Geary
TRUE BLUE LOU Robin, Coslow, Whiting 1927

Special Thanks

Thanks to Zoe Thrall at POWER STATION for all her kindness; Tony Bon Jovi at POWER STATION for his leadership; Henry and the staff at Manny's Music New York City; James Moran, Manny's drum guru; Evan Gluck for the use of his beautiful six string Fodera bass; Allan Chang for the use of his amazing Fender Stratocaster; Jason Fedele for pointing the way;Euphoria Rehearsal Studios, you're the best! Michael Carvin for sharing his soul. David Sokol plays Pearl and Drum Workshop drums, Istanbul cymbals.