MUSICIANS - Biographies

Kevin Giordano lead guitar
Kevin was the guitarist on the album UNREAL and the Bleecker St Reality recordings from 1992 through 1995. His in-demand style is based on influences such as Robbie Roberson and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jerry Garcia. He recently composed and performed music for Ionesco's play Exit the King at Syncronicity Space Theatre in Soho and The Lawless Sun:An American Road Dream presented by the Lost Tribe Theatre Company at the Sanford Meisner Theatre. He has worked on a score for an HBO production with Evan Lurie. Kevin's virtuoso abilities give Bleecker St Reality Band the cutting edge their fans love.

Kevin has returned from in Florida, where he was living for the past year. He spent time scoring music for theatre productions, writing monologues and generally letting go in the relaxed environs of Florida. He's back in NYC and we're all glad to see him here.

He recently wrote and recorded a part for the track "Seed of God" of Revelations 2000, a project that Kathy and Ron English are working on.