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Bob Windbiel lead guitar
Bob Windbiel played numerous gigs with the Bleecker St Reality Band in 1996 and most recently recorded HOLY TERROR for Revelations 2000 with KATHY's REALITY in December 1997.
Bob, guitarist/composer has extensive experience in composing, arranging, performing, recording and producing, including compostiions for film, dance, theater, 10 piece chamber group, 3-7 piece jazz ensemble, female choir and songwriting for several pop bands. His education includes private instruction with Pat Metheny and Joe Pass among others; he studied compostion and theory at the Julliard School with Larry Widdoes and Stanley Wolfe, as well as being a theory/compostion major at SUNY New Paltz. He was awarded the Meet the Composer grant in 1983 and has performed extensively in the US and abroad in many different settings ranging from classical and jazz to performance art and rock n' roll. He has composed over two hundred pieces and appeared on several albums including CDs by his former band Marcel Monroe. Their second release "Framed" which featured Bob's songs, garnered extensive radio airplay across the US, as well as enthusiastic reviews in such music magazines as OpTion, Alternative Press and the Woodstock Times. He currently does session work in NYC.