MUSICIANS - Biographies

Daniel Martin bass, vocals
Dan was one of the founding members of the Bleecker St Reality Band and played with us from 1992 until 1995. After the first year he started to share his songs with the band and most of the material that we performed and recorded for UNREAL is written by him. In addition to being a gifted songwriter he has distinctive voice and lyrical style on the bass.

Dan, a native born New Yorker, is still a frequent performer on the New York scene. After studying with Jerry Bradetich at Northwestern University and with Roger Scott of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Dan returned to New York to study with Orin O'Brien at Mannes College of Music.  Dan plays acoustic bass in Broadway shows including "Putting it Together" with Julie Andrews, "The Secret Garden" and "Crazy For You."  He has played with various other bands in NYC including Huevos Rancheros.