MUSICIANS -Biographies

Kathy Geary vocals, guitar
Texas bred and operatically trained, Kathy's performances are special. Kathy has studied with renowned opera stars Carlo Bergonzi and Renata Tebaldi. A folk singer and guitarist during her teens, she molds her diverse training and influences into a distinctive vocal sound for the 90's. With Bleecker St Reality Band, Kathy has found a new expression. Her performances have spanned venues from Carnegie Hall with orchestra to smoky night clubs on Bleecker St.

After working with the Bleecker St Reality Band for five years I've started KATHY's REALITY, a new project with my friend and bass player Don Martin. I'm still singing Mozart and Haydn with the Riverside Choral Society to keep the chops up, but  I'm looking forward to performing more of my own original material! Nothing beats a good band.