MUSICIANS - Biographies

Don Martin bass guitar
Don played with Bleecker St Reality Band for one year and although he never recorded with us we played numerous gigs. However, in December 1997 he recorded Holy Terror and the Seed of God for Revelations 2000 featuring KATHY's REALITY.

Don plays a groove so deep you can sleep in it! He has his own band called Marquis Players, an acid jazz project where he has recently moved from acoustic bass to electric and added a deep voiced female singer Robin Dixon. The poet rapper Shatik now is working on his own thing and Don has said he will continue to play with him. The rest of the band including Jeremy Adelman on trumpet and Anthony Robustelli on keys is still in place with the addition of a fine trombone player named Marty. You can catch them at The Izzy Bar (1st Ave & 10th St) if you're lucky!

His long time relationship with Mexican Mud Band still continues with their eyes on the Millenium.

Don is also playing with the True Worship Gospel Choir (yeah Lord) and two or three other NYC bands on the local scene.

You may have noticed that the original bass player for the Bleecker St Reality is named Dan Martin. They are not the same person, just one of the sycronicities of life!
It's a real pleasure to be able to continue to work with Don.