Bleecker St Reality Band

Lyrics from ENGLISH 101


Words by Charles Herold
Music by Kathy Geary
Check out the Controversy surrounding this song!
Produced and recorded by Chris Albert at New York's Power Station
Kathy Geary: vocals, rhythm guitar
Kevin Giordano: lead guitar, 12-string Rickenbacker
Dan Martin: vocals, bass
David Sokol: drums, tambourine
Ron English: Spoken Word

Ah, the visual arts,
paintings in galleries.
Why look for the anwser to life
when there's something better on TV?
But there is one artist that I admire,
a friend of mine
and I want to be right by his side
when he's on the cover of Time.

I'm riding the Ron English Train
now where will it go?
I'm riding the Ron English Train
to fortune and fame.

Well I go to his openings
and I look on the walls
it's not too bad for art!
And I tell all my friends Ron and I are close
it always touches their hearts.
And I say "Hey Ron
this is your best work yet"
he likes to hear that line
we gotta do lunch sometime
he's the famous artist that you can buy!


Lou Reed was a junkie kid
till he met Warhol
so it really doesn't matter who you are in life
just who you know is all.
And I know Ron and Ron is gonna take us
right to the top.
And if I'm wrong he's an artist that I will drop.