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"Unkulunkie Records presents... ENGLISH 101, a compliation disk comprised of 14 bands who have come together to celebrate the vision and spirit of contemporary artist Ron English. Each band used the artist's work and personality as inspiration and departure point for their own unique ventures, resulting in an electic collection of music with as many styles as there are words to describe a picture."

Check out the Controversy surrounding "Ron English Train"!

Complilation CD Program Listing

  1. THE SUTCLIFFS "Ron's Turnin' On" (B. Jemeyson)
  2. SARA HICKMAN a.k.a. LITTLE YELLOW DIFFERENT "All American Man" (S. Hickman)
  3. BABY SNUFKIN "Waltzing Nepenthe" (Scrote/Njabulo)
  4. CHARLES HEROLD "The Ron English Train" (C. Herold)
  5. THE GEFKENS "Billboard" (M.Azzarto/The Gefkens)
  6. BELLESKYE "I', Picturing..." (Belle/Skye)
  7. THE WHATNOTS "The Odd Side of Normalcy" (J.Higgins/The Whatnots)
  8. CHARLES HEROLD "Do You Know What I Mean" (C. Herold)
  9. BECKY BOO AND REDMOND JACQUES "My Kid Could Do That" (M. Welch)
  10. LAURA ROBINSON "Only a Ron English Painting" (C. Herold)
  11. THE SUTCLIFFS "Ron English" (C. Herold)
  12. BANANA BLENDER SURPRISE "Last Lunch" (J.Barker/G.Choucron/D.Beebe)
  13. THE V-TONES "Speak English" (V. Forbes)
  14. THE DUSTY DIAMONDS "Art at the Speed of Life" (Petracca/Cuoco)
  15. BLEECKER ST REALITY BAND "Ron English Train" (C.Herold/K.Geary)
  16. SWEET LITTLE ROXANNA "Fame Overdose" (D.Ellis)

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