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Laura Nyro, American singer-songwriter, pianist and lyricist

As a composer she wrote her first songs at 8 yrs old and in the early 1960's she made millions from her songwriting royalties. We hear covers by Peter, Paul and Mary, Barbara Streisand, and the 5th Dimension. She released her debut album in 1966 when she was only 19 yrs old, then in 1967 when David Geffen became her manager she released "Eli and the 13th Confession" and in 1969 "NY Tendaberry" on the Columbia label and achieved the legendary critical acclaim that has established her as a major composer. We hear a live recording from a 1993 concert at the Bottom Line in NY.

She died too young, from cancer, at 49 yrs old in 1997. In 2007 her music was featured at Lincoln Center's "American Songbook" concert series. On Elvis Costello's "Spectacle" TV series on Sundance in 2008, Elton John acknowledges and demonstrates how much he was influenced by Laura Nyro.

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