Original air date March 21, 2015 | Time 59:00

Mark Knopfler TRACKER - released March 16, 2015

He founded Dire Straits in 1997 with his brother David. When they broke up in 1996 he began a solo career that was more folk and country oriented than the rock music of Dire Straits. We hear Dire Straits "Sultans of swing" and "Money for Nothing" composed by Mark Knopfler from "Brothers In Arms" on Warner Bros. He formed a country American roots based band and in 1988 they released one album. We hear The Notting Hillbillies "Your Own Sweet Way" composed by Mark Knopfler from "Missing... Presumed Having a Good Time". The country music foreshadowed his solo career. His 8th solo album was released in 2012 and we hear the title track "Privateering" and "Blood & Water". As a session musician he has collaborated with numerous musicians. We hear his recognizable style on David Crosby's solo alum from 2014 on the song "What's Broken". Finally we listen to his most recent album released March 16, 2015 called "TRACKER". We hear "Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes" and "Broken Bones".

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