Original air date August 20, 2011 | Time 56:00

Donovan and bassist Danny Thompson

Donovan's finger picking guitar style is typical of British folk music, although he was compared to Bob Dylan as a young artist. We hear "Colours" from 1964. His collaboration with producer Mickie Most gave us his most successful recordings, "Sunshine Superman" and "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" are examples. His long time bass player Danny Thompson was also recording with Pentangle sat the at time and we hear "Light Flight" from 1969 and that ssame year Donovan recorded with Jeff Beck on Barabajagal". His 1996 "Sutras" returns to his early acoustic style. And finally his 2004 Beat Cafe is a brilliant album once again with Danny THompson on bass. We hear "Poormans' Sunshine", "The Cuckoo" and "The Question".

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