Original air date Oct 15, 2011 | Time 56:00

British Folk-rock from Pentangle and Fotheringay

The Scottish guitarist Bert Jansch released his final album "Black Swan" in 2008. He founded The Pentangle in 1967,an acoustic band, with John Renbourne and Jacqui McShee. They played American folk songs and wrote their own music on their 1969 "Basket of Light" and 1970's "Cruel Sister". Sandy Denny left Fairport Convention to start "Fotheringay" in 1970 and was also inspired by American folk. We hear Gordon Lightfoots' "The Way I Feel" and Denny's own "Nothing More". She also sang with Robert Plant on Led Zepplin's "Battle of Forevermore". Sandy Denny recorded Richard Farina's "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood" on a 1972 self-titled album. She also recorded traditional British music.

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