Original air date June 18, 2011 | Time 59:00

Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell

They each began their careers in Greenwich Village in the 60's. Baez and Collins were instrumental in bringing the music of various songwriters to the public, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen and others. We hear Joan recording of Bob Dylan's song from 1963, and songs from Collin's 1967 "Wildflowers". Joni Mitchell records her first album in 1968 and we hear "Cactus Tree", 1970 "Woodstock" and "Night Ride Home" from 1991. Finally we hear songs from each of their most recent records, Joan Baez 2008 "God is God" (Steve Earle); Judy Collin's 2007 "Blackbird" (Lennon/McCartney); Joni Mitchell 2007 "If" adapted from a Rudyard Kipling poem.

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