"Seed of God"

Rev. Vince Anderson vocal & percussion
Kevin Giordano guitar
Don Martin bass

"Holy Terror"

Kathy Geary vocal, piano
Bob Windbiel guitars
Don Martin bass
Adrian Harpham drums
Chorus: Emilio 'Zef' China, Michael DiRoma, Kathy Geary, Paris Pacchione, Nancy Tepper, Robert Wagner
Produced by Kathy Geary and Ron English
Mixed by Chris Albert at Mutiny Zoo Studios, Hoboken NJ
Recorded by Richard A. La Salvia at Smash Studios, NYC

SEED OF GOD - lyrics by Ron English

2000 years in the tomb
9 months in the womb
Let this life
diverted in death

from the darkened nihility
of eternity痴 tomb
to the florescent empyrean
of the delivery room
this godchild of infinity
this bastard of the Holy Trinity
shall be delivered
from death痴 cocoon
and the seed of God
on earth shall bloom

The devil is vengeful
But God is forgiving
And the one left for dead
is among the living

I of second chances
I of second sight
was drowned in a river of blood
and resurrected in an ocean of light

HOLY TERROR - lyrics by Ron English

The stars are my mother
The earth is my womb
Life is the bride
and I am the groom.

Nature is my landlord
My rent is my soul
God is my lawyer
Her salvation my goal.

2000 years in the tomb
9 months in the womb
I値l get this world
back on track
2000 years, I知 back!

I知 no axe grinder
I知 no cross-bearer
I知 a child of God
I知 a Holy Terror.

I of second chances
I of second sight
I知 a Holy Terror.

All lyrics ゥ 1997 Ron English, used by permission.