MUSICIANS - Biographies

Tony Conniff bass

Tony Conniff played with Bleecker St Reality Band in 1995 - 1996 and in addition to his work with us, he has his own recording studio in mid-town Manhattan and produces various artists, including ANN MARIE. He introduced us to the singer/songwriter Bret Gardner and we are adding a couple of Bret's songs to our repertoire, including "If I Should Live Without Your Love" and "Don't Know What I'll Do". The first of these is avaiable on a cassette recording of our 4/10/96 show at the Bitter End.

Tony wrote the song "DAYS OF MIRALCES" and we've taken it into our set list. It's strange that it wasn't until Tony stopped playing with us in May 96 that we did one of this songs, but it's one of my favorites.

Tony wrote and recorded the soundtrack for the movie "SLINGS AND ARROWS" directed by Geoffrey Sharp. The movie premiered at the Angelika 57 Theatre during the Avignon/NY Film Festival at the end of April 96. This is Tony's first soundtrack and after viewing the completed project for the first time he said "cool". I guess this means he wants to do it again!