New York Opera Studio
Summer Program at Vassar 2004


Campus, Dorm, Rehearsals, Performance Portraits courtesy of Heidi Mundel
Performance pics courtesy of Éva Diána Látrányi (big files!!)
Rehearsals, Campus pics - courtesy of Rhea Lee
Scenes Rehearsals and Masks!! - courtesy of Amanda Leonard
What the Hell! - group photos from Meagan
Kara and the Big BALLooNS - with Danielle, Sabrina, Kathy, Heidi

Dress rehearsal videos

Still planning to post the videos I have. Look for these by Sept 17!

July 6, 2004
My dear friends and colleagues,
I had real separation anxiety when it came time to leave our bubble of creativity.
I truly miss the amazing closeness I felt to each of you, like we were of the same mind. I feel so transformed. And yet my home and life here still looks good to me. My intentions are strong and I am excited about where it will all lead me.
My body feels wonderful, my mind is clear and my heart is throbbing!
I live down the street from the two people who did the video movie, Kay and Dieter. I got to watch the tapes from the performance of the two scenes that I was in. They tape looks incredible, rich color and the sound is from two mics on either side of the stage so you get a great sound picture. They will be editing from two cameras. While I was at their house they taped an interview with me about my experience. I was perhaps slightly over the top emotionally but it was truly from the heart. The promotional tape will be really good.
I wasn't able to catch Carol and Nico. By the time I headed to their house, they had just left for Santa Fe. What an amazing pair, eh?
Soon I will post the dress rehearsals that I caught on my own little cannon camcorder. Not bad. You'll beed a high speed connection to watch them live online, or you'll be able to download them.
I addition to the scenes I was in, I taped from Act III.