Other Relevant  Irreverent webSites

New York Festival of Song the way I always thought NY would be
Popaganda Ron English, subvertist oil painting POPagandist culture jamming artist
The Onion it's smart, it's funny, it's satire
Riverside Choral Society classical choral music - this is my choir of ten years membership
Jonathan Wiener, distinguished editor and choirster
Contenders musicians of the highest calibre playing and singing their own tradition of bluegrass and rock and ballads and folk songs all with a mountain flare, violins and drums. Beautiful music.
Hubble Space Telescope Images you won't believe your eyes
Istuan's Travels immerse yourself in a zen point of view with Steven Zsako
Blur of Insanity, college daze, tell me you haven't already been there....They finished their movie and its big stuff!!
Live Music Concert Search
Deoxyribonucleic Autonomous Zone, one of Kathy's haunts
Tarot Card Reading how's your life?
Rainbow Family of Living Light the Gathering of the Tribes is a miracle of our times
SuperBad hours of tripped out recreation from Austin Texas

Kathy says goodbye, comeback!